50-Year-Old Collection Spawns Couple’s Unique Columns

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA - Kenneth and Nancy Webster met when they were kids in the 1940’s.  They graduated from different high schools but attended the same Deer Creek, Oklahoma church.  They married in 1955, while students at Oklahoma A & M College.  Two years later, during a brief six-month period, several important events occurred in their lives:  They both graduated from college with their teaching degrees, the first of their four children was born, and Kenneth began a two year tour of duty with the U.S. Army.

       During those early days of marriage, the young couple also launched an unusual hobby.  They began collecting clippings from newspapers, magazines, brochures, bulletins, etc.  Today their 50-year stash includes hundreds of interesting legends, history, poetry, humor, quotes, and much more -- enough to fill more than twenty notebooks.

       Although the Websters were actively filling those notebooks, the primary purpose of their lives was rearing and educating their four children.  Nancy used her teaching skills as a fully employed five-star-stay-at-home mother, 4-H leader, Sunday School teacher, and supportive wife.  After his stint in the army, Kenneth taught Vocational Agriculture for a couple of years in a rural high school before switching his employment to agricultural sales.  There, during his 30-year career with the Ralston Purina Company, he built a notable sales record.

       The couple made their family’s legacy an important part of their adult lives and passed those family values on to their children.  They also made sure each child received a quality education.  To continue fostering strong family bonds they emphasized the need to be an active part of their community, to live their Christian faith, and to treasure their historic past.  Each of their children, still today, enjoys the family’s inherent humor and delights in the fun times they had while growing up at home and attending college.

Today the Websters’ lives are different.  Their children are grown; they’ve all finished college, married, and have their own homes and families.  Kenneth and Nancy are retired but still enjoy work.  In fact, they’ve begun a significant new venture.

       Through their newly formed business, Kennan & Company, the Websters write, and offer for the public, refreshing weekly newspaper columns that are inspired by their unusual collection.  Some of their columns highlight our country’s 235-year-old culture and history.  Others stress the wisdom, the standards, and the values that were the foundation of our nation’s early culture -- values they believe we Americans should honor and preserve as national treasures.  To show their dedication to that belief, they dub each of their columns, “A Matter that Matters.” 

       The Websters write their columns, each containing 600-words-or-less, for newspaper editors throughout the United States.  To introduce their columns, they send to potential publishers, without obligation, FIVE FREE WEEKLY COLUMNS -- a month’s supply.  

       To learn more about these “A Matter that Matters” columns, editors and publishers are encouraged to view the other pages on this website and order their five FREE weekly columns.